Read; but I’m not a reader…

(a little poem produced in a fleeting moment of inspired epiphany)

Image result for first revelation of quran

‘But I’m not a reader’
‘But I’m not a reader’
‘But I’m not a reader’
‘Read, in the name of your Lord who created;
created human from a clot of congealed blood’
It wasn’t reading,
as if flipping through a hardbound book
from cover to cover
or poring over dead letters
typed on a fine paper…
It wasn’t reading –
like you read your daily news,
blind to the life and death it holds,
or the darkness it unfolds.
No, it was reading alone with the soul:
Reading the countless signs,
etched across the cosmos
and housed within one’s soul.
It was reading with a heart
emptied of itself..
It was reading at great depths,
the meaning of all existence..
It was reading the sole reality
of things, as they truly are…

The message-bearer persists only,
for the recipient is indeed a reader


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