So the clock says its 3:35 am, and I just created my blog; I must be mentally unstable.

I do not have a particular purpose in my mind which led to the creation of this blog, I guess I’m just bored. And most importantly I have simply run out of people to stalk on facebook. Facebook is losing its charm with every passing day.

Anyway I will attribute this coining of the idea of having my blog to my beloved roommate Roha, who has her Physics exam tomorrow, while I’m at home. Best of luck Roha you’ll do great.

At this point in time, I seriously doubt there is any need to introduce myself. Who is interested anyway?

I just hope my ever fluctuating mood lets me visit this place again.

Over and out.



2 thoughts on “Salut!

  1. Mubroook! Finally you have made a blog! thumbs up! Do get such “boredom” often.=P
    By the way, your blog name “nearing the white light” set a train of thoughts in my head…nearing the speed of light as in the limit…nearing the speed of light as in mixing all light colors to make a white light which implies that everything is made of good and bad even this white light….
    *I am calling this effect (which has affected me greatly): the urdu poetry interpretation effect =P*

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